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Indoor Cycling

Come take a ride with us! Just $19.99 a class and you are on your way to greatness. Click "Book Now", quickly create your profile on our Vagaro page, and start your journey today! Check out our Packages & Memberships below.

Class Schedule

Download APRIL's class schedule here: 

Class Descriptions

Classic Ride

A 45 minute low impact accelerative pace. Great for beginners or anyone looking for a low impact challenge to reset the mind and focus in.

Challenger Ride

This journey will take you on a high RPM calorie burning elite cycling escapade.

"Silent" Vibe Ride

You will cycle to the most impressive selection of rhythmic reggae tunes that are sure to invigorate your soul. But here's the fun part... the entire class you will be riding with the beats bumping in classic noise cancelling bluetooth headphones! With the music pumping through these headphones you'll have the ride of your life jamming out and pushing through this Vibe Ride! [Headphones provided by Challenge Cycling. All headphones are cleaned before and after each class.] 

Party Ride

Are you ready for the ultimate cycling party? We will be cycling outdoors with a live DJ to some of the most iconic tunes of Classic Rock, Disco and Hip-Hop. Our theme rides premiere every third Friday of the month at 7:00 pm - weather permitting. Come join the party!

Themed outdoor cycling with a live DJ.

** $30/Class ** 

Saddle Ride

If you desire a supremely shaped gluteus maximus, and willing to put in the necessary work to achieve your goal, this would definitely be the class for you. This class consists of a 45 minute extreme, out of the saddle mountain climbing, cycling experience.

Mommy & Me

Our Mommy & Me class is a great way to stay active with your little one and bond! 

Interested in independent spinning sessions?

Solo Spin

No class, no problem! Want to spin to the beat of your own heart? Come in, pop your headphones in, and get your spin on! No instructors, it's all up to you how you challenge yourself during these solo spin sessions. [Only available during the times allotted on the calendar. Reserving bikes not available for solo spin sessions; first come - first serve.] 



Have someone you know who loves to spin just as much as you?

Check out our RIDE SHARE Membership!

Ride Share

Unlimited Rides x2

The membership in support of healthy relationships! For couples, besties, enemies, or concerned parents and angsty teens; whatever dynamic duo pairing, this is the membership for you. Have fun, challenge each other, and grow with this membership that offers unlimited rides every month. Sounds great but feeling like you need a solo spin every now and then? No problem! With a Ride Share membership feel free to leave your partner in crime at home and come spin on your own.

Wanting to optimize your health

and get the most out of the Challenge?!

The Unstoppable


Unlimited Rides + Unlimited Sauna Sessions

Looking for the ultimate challenge with maximum opportunity to sweat the day away? The Unstoppable membership provides you just that; combining unlimited spin classes and unlimited infrared sauna power hour sessions every month. This membership is the real deal for the serious challenger and anyone looking to push themselves.



Set yourself up for success and fuel up before your ride. 

We suggest drinking plenty of water and having a light healthy snack. 


Winners begin early!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the class. Check-In using your QR code, say hello to your Challenger, and head to your bike. 


Success is where preparation meets opportunity.

Prepare for your ride by checking that you have all your gear; water, towel, and determination!


Conquer your challenge! 

Follow your Challenger, vibe out to the music, and push yourself to conquer your goals. The challenge is yours, so take a break when needed! 

To show up and to try, is to conquer. 

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

– Molière


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